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The Florida Basketball Association (FBA) is proud to be a league providing a variety of opportunities for players seeking to advance their professional basketball careers. 


The league will list all tryouts, combines and other international opportunities open to players. We encourage every player to pre-register and pay before attending our events. Pre-registering ensures that we have enough materials for players (staff to manage the event, reversible jerseys for participants, etc.).

Click the tab on our menu bar to find events currently with open registration. For more information about our league from a player standpoint, please read through our FAQ section below.


* How much do FBA teams pay their players?

The pay varies with each FBA team. Several teams have 1-2 top-tiered players that are paid mixed with other players paid based on a ticket sales and commission models. 

* Why do FBA teams pay players this way?

It's imperative that players understand the business of professional basketball. The current state of minor league basketball in the USA is tainted with horror stories of players signing high dollar contracts that are never honored. Some players have been left stranded, with an expectation to receive payment, only to end up with a lower amounts (and oftentimes nothing at all). Players must also understand that while this is a common happening in the United States minor leagues, it's not uncommon for these situations to happen in other lower tiered leagues in countries throughout the world.

Players must receive accurate, truthful information as they continue to pursue playing basketball professionally. The FBA has ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE truthful. Other leagues seek to generate substantial revenue from high-priced combines and tryouts all over the USA off the backs of the hoops and dreams of the players they say they want to help...players they need to play in their leagues in order to exist.


The FBA business model is different. This is why the FBA is one of the longest-standing, most reputable league in the USA (established in 2012). Players play in the FBA because they can believe in our vision, mission and methods of creating a brand that helps players obtain the best opportunities possible while also building their own brand and identity alongside our league and teams. 

The FBA is approaching our 10th season. We've seen hundreds of our players move on to play internationally in countries all over the world. Our league has garnered a global respect  in which teams around the world know that our players are professional, well-trained and developed, hungry, and focused on not only building their own brand, but also the brand of each team they represent.

Bottom line: If you want to play in a league that will help your credentials and respectability as a player, there is no other minor league in the United States with the level of global respect like the FBA. Although we might not pay much, our league is putting players in a position to obtain those higher-level international jobs. You'll get film, exposure, player efficiency breakdowns, etc., in a league that will play all of our games, record them, and have a network of teams across the globe interested in our athletes. We give you everything you need to move your career forward...and...we hope you will appreciate the fact that we are COMPLETELY HONEST AND FORTHRIGHT with the opportunity we've set before you. 

* Do FBA teams take players from out of state?

Sometimes...BUT...not very often. We are a league blessed to be in a state where there is incredible local basketball talent. Housing a player from out of state rarely makes financial sense. We also like to be a league that has a solid representation of talent from our local market teams.

No matter what a player might think, being a very talented basketball player does not guarantee a player will draw more fans. If a player comes from a high profile background and has the resume, experience and popularity that will motivate fans to attend games, he would be a player that teams consider housing and paying a higher guaranteed contract. We take a very real, honest approach to this level of professional basketball. With so much talent in our state, housing a player from out of state does not make much business sense in the long run.

If you help generate money to our teams? You will be paid well for that. If you don't? In the FBA, you'll get an opportunity to build your global resume and get the attention of people that DO pay that kind of money so you can progress your career. 

For any additional questions that you need answered, please have your agent contact us, or submit your question via the Contact Us portal on our website





Sunday, December 3, 2023

11am - 4pm

Southeastern Prep Academy

8701 Maitland Summit Blvd.

Orlando, FL 32810

COST: $75.00

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